Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 33

Sleep has been weird.  It’s not so much too much or not enough, but the bizarre dreams.  They aren’t nightmares, or even stress dreams…just strange vivid dreams.  Last night I dreamt that I had dreamt something that I had dreamt something.  Yup.

This morning, I came across this article and apparently I’m not alone in this.  Apparently quarantine dreams are a thing.  I get it…you are going through a strange times and your mind uses your sleep to try to process it all.  It does seem interesting that the dreams are getting weirder as I become more accustomed to the state of things.

Screen time has been massive around here.  The nature of distance learning is that the kids need to use screens for their learning.  We also have a number of educational games which they enjoy.  I don’t allow television until the evening when all the school work is done.  But, if the kids had their way, they’d do their device-based learning and then play some education games, followed by a few hours on the xbox, and then finally watching something on TV.

To combat this, Pat and I made them take a walk with us today.  Pat and I try to walk around our neighborhood most days, but tonight we walked to the park and did a loop.


The kids weren’t super fond of this outing, but we really needed them to get out of the house.  While Pat and I may pick up our grocery order or do a Costco run, the kids almost never leave the house.  Honestly, Chris is probably fine with this, but I think Lillie has her moments of antsiness.

I’ve gotten back into reading and am currently working on books for two book clubs and that is…not a good thing.  I’ll talk more about it on Sunday when I do my recap, but I’ll just say the combination is a doozy and I’m powering through just to get to a palate cleanser.  On the upside, I’m remembering to take “eye breaks” and use eye drops when necessary, so hopefully I won’t have to deal with temporary eye issues again!

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