Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 31

I know I normally post these on the night of, but that just wasn’t a possibility last night.  The tl;dr version is that, since I had lasik several years ago, I have some additional eye issues and one of these is that if I read too long without a break (and sometimes without eye drops) I have trouble seeing things like computer screens.  That’s exactly what happened last night, so typing up a post needed to wait until this morning.

But, anyway, here we are.  We are all still healthy and we are still in the house.  Homeschooling went smoothly yesterday–I was worried because Chris technically didn’t have school.  This doesn’t mean he didn’t have school work–I made sure he had plenty of work to do.  But he did most of it without a fuss, so that was good.

Pat also convinced him to work on his Periodic Table puzzle.  Chris is clearly more interested in the Periodic Table than the puzzle and spent most of the time talking to Pat about the elements while Pat put the puzzle together.


They haven’t finished the puzzle yet, and I’d like them to do so soon so that Lillie and I can start on her Otter puzzle that she received as an Easter gift.

We’re starting to get to the point where I’m wondering what our summer is going to look like.  The big thing is Lillie’s Girl Scout camp and there is no guarantee at this point that will actually happen.  I’m torn here–while I’d hate for the camp to be canceled unnecessarily because they made the call too early, I’d also like to know what is going to happen this summer.  Pat would rather Lillie didn’t go to camp, even if it is still on, but we aren’t yet to that point to make that decision.

Finally, Pat and I are very excited that Lillie is now doing US History in school (they tend to do intensive units for “content” instead of year-long study).  She got quite the additional informational lecture from her parents about Colonial America (what she’s studying) and the Civil War (what her father wanted to talk about).  After about 10 minutes, she asked to go back to the Elephant documentary we had been watching (the one narrated by Meghan Markle) so, you know, that went well.

I’m hoping to post again tonight–if my eyes cooperate. We’ll see (ha ha…get it?)

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