Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 30

Well, Happy Easter everyone!  However you celebrated it, I hope that it was a happy one.

For me, it was…different…but I’m not complaining.  The kids had their Easter Egg hunt this morning and, man, were they into it!  I thought they would start outgrowing it now, but they are more excited about it than ever.  And they did a pretty good job of finding all the eggs.  They did miss one I had put in Alice’s bed, but Alice let them know about it!

As our church did an Easter vigil service last night, we decided to watch the live stream from the National Cathedral in DC.


We made it through most of the service before our Internet glitched and it knocked us out.  Oh well… we heard Bishop Curry’s sermon and that was the important part.

Pat did end up taking the kids to Hagg Lake for the afternoon, so I had the house to myself…which was heaven!  I put together the puzzle I got for Chris, which he refused to do, and then I watched all those shows I can’t watch when the kids are home.  So, that was probably the best Easter gift for me.

Usually on Sundays I do a reading recap.  I have to admit that I haven’t been reading much lately so I don’t have much to report in that area.  So, I’m going to skip that part of the post this week and, hopefully, be back with it next week.



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