Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 29

As I’m writing this late in the evening, most of you probably won’t see it until Sunday, so…HAPPY EASTER!

Technically, it is Easter here already.  Our church had an Easter Vigil service over Zoom this evening…


And, yes, it was a challenge to keep Alice from the candles!

I love Easter Vigil services, they are probably my favorite of all services.  But not every church does them, for various reasons.  The best were when I was at William and Mary and attended services at Bruton Parish in Colonial Williamsburg.  They timed theirs so that the point when all the lights comes on happened right at midnight.  I told this to Pat and he thinks it has to do with my “obsession” of things happening at midnight.  To be fair, I don’t have an obsession.  We ONE TIME timed a movie (Endgame) so that a crucial moment (Tony’s snap) happened at midnight on New Year’s.

I tried to talk the kids out of doing an Easter Egg hunt, but no luck.  The problem is that we can’t do it outside because all the eggs will have bugs in them and inside is problematic because Alice always feels the need to get involved.  So, I guess we’ll be doing an indoor hunt tomorrow, but not hide the eggs until right before.  Since I just filled all the eggs, I think I’ll let Pat be in charge of hiding things.

Pat was also talking about taking the kids fishing at Hagg Lake tomorrow.  I’m more than happy to let them go so that I can make Easter dinner in peace.  I think we’ve gotten to the point in this period of social distancing when I want a little isolation!

So, we’ll see what Quarantine Easter is like.  Since (God willing) it will be the only one we will have, I have decided to just take it as it comes and go with the flow.  Happy Easter everyone!

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