Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 27

Today was one of the better days during this crazy time.  The kids did fairly well in home school, I was able to get them some Easter gifts from a store that did curbside pick up, and we had a pleasant evening stroll at a wetlands near our house.

We also finished (mostly) the craft that we started last night.  We made another batch of dough and have a few more things to paint (with sharpies!), but here is what we have so far:


I made the cross at the top and the kids made the ones on the bottom.  We have 2 crosses left to go and I’m trying to convince the kids to lean towards Easter, not Good Friday.

Tomorrow has its own home school challenge.  Technically, Lillie doesn’t have school tomorrow and Chris does.  Then, on Monday, it’s the other way around.  Well, in home school, the both have school both days.  I’ve explained to the kids this was happening, but I’m expecting some resistance.  So, pray for me.  Lord knows I will need it!

As with probably everyone else, our Easter will look different this year.  I’ve just come to accept it as it is.  We normally have one of two Easter options: if Easter coincides with Spring Break we go to see my dad in Arizona or, if that isn’t the case, we just hang out at home.  Obviously, we’ll be in the second category this year.  I did manage to get some candy for the kids and today, as I said, I picked up a few gifts that I had ordered online from a locally owned toy store.  But it all just seems so weird here that I think the weirdness may overpower the wonder of the season.  Honestly, I think the real Easter celebration may be when we are all able to go back to church again.


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