Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 24

We have a big question…

When will Oregon commit to distance learning for the rest of the school year?

Washington called it today and I think we’ve all accepted that it is just a matter of time before Oregon follows suit.  We are sandwiched between two states with a more severe coronavirus problem, even though our state has actually done as good a job as possible containing it.  I’ve resigned myself to being the teacher for the rest of the year, although I still hold out at least a little hope that the kids will have a little time, even a week, back with their teachers.  Lillie has had a great year this year and I know she would like to finish it out in the classroom.  Chris will be transferring to Lillie’s school next fall and I think he needs the closure.  But, it is out of my hands.

Today was another challenging day of distance learning, but for two almost opposite reasons.  With Chris, it was another struggle to keep him focused.  I may end up tweaking our daily schedule so that we start earlier, and possibly finish later, but he has more free time during the day.  I don’t know.  All I know is that something isn’t quite working.

With Lillie, the issue is that she was completely finished with all of her school work at 11 am.  This poses two challenges.  The first is that if she isn’t working, she distracts Chris–and that boy is already distracted enough.  The other issue is that she clearly needs more work to do.  I think I have a handle on administering work assigned by teachers, but coming up with work is a whole other challenge for me.  As I’ve said before, I was not meant to be a homeschooling mom.

Meanwhile, Pat has been busy balancing working from home and working on the home.  He’s still trying to clean up the destruction left behind by the mice and we’re also dealing with an ant infestation.  Really?  Do all these things have to happen at once.  And, just now, he just had a flood of water burst from the fridge.  So, you know, that’s a good sign.

I have not been good about taking pictures today, mostly because I spent hours trying to get Chris to do his work.  So I’m leaving you a picture of my constant challenge…


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