Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 23

When I hear “house church,” I think of Roman Christians hiding in their houses, trying to worship without being detected.  The truth is “house church” means my kids using their palms as light sabers while we do church over Zoom.  That’s the life I’m living now.

It has been interested reading and hearing people’s different experiences with this quarantine.  There truly is no one way to quarantine.  A number of folks are hitting peak stir craziness right now, but I am starting to feel like I’m finding my groove.  Don’t get me wrong, I want life to go back to normal as soon as it is safe to do so, but I’m not as flummoxed as I was.  Moreover, I’m not nearly as stressed about our own little family as I was.  I am, however, still stressed about my Dad, but he’s a stubborn old guy and it is impossible to talk sense into him.

As I’m getting to this post later than I’d like and I do want to get some sleep before school starts up again tomorrow, I’m going to end the update here and give a quick run down of my reading.

As usual, I’m liking up with Kathryn at Book Date for her “It’s Monday…What Are You Reading” blog hop.

What I finished reading last week:

Because of the whole homeschool thing, I didn’t get as much reading done as I would have liked.  I only finished one book, but it was a good one.

Simon the FiddlerSimon the Fiddler by Paulette Jiles
I may be the only person left who hasn’t yet read News of the World, so this was my first book by Jiles and, folks, it is a winner.  It’s a love story, but it isn’t a romance.  The love story is the frame, but the characters steal the show.  Every character, even the ones who only appear in one paragraph, are meticulously crafted and jump off the page.  And the world of Texas right after the Civil War that Jiles creates is so alluring that I actually developed a desire to go to Texas (and not just to go to the Schlitterbahn!)  I won my copy in a Goodreads giveaway, so it doesn’t actually hit the shelves for another week or so, but this is one you will definitely want to get your hands on.


What I started reading last week:

Home for Erring and Outcast GirlsHome for Erring and Outcast Girls by Julie Kibler
This is a book that I’ve checked out from the library several times and just didn’t get to before I needed to return it.  As luck would have it, I happened to have it out when the libraries closed so I actually have the chance to read it now.  I’m not far into it yet, so I don’t have much of an opinion.  I will say that I almost wish I had chosen another book to read after Simon the Fiddler because this is also set in Texas.  As a rule, I don’t like to read books that are similar in big ways right after each other, but I also worry that because Simon the Fiddler was so amazing, that this might unfairly pale in comparison.  Hopefully I will finish it this week so I can report back next week.


Okay, I’m off to bed.  Happy reading and wash your hands…

5 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 23

  1. My life actually remains quite unchanged to be honest because I’m housebound during the week usually any way, and though my four children are home 24/7 as they are all teens they largely take care of themselves.

    Wishing you a great reading week and good health


  2. I loved News of the World, so am happy to hear that Simon the Fiddler is also so good. I’ll have to give it a try soon. Thanks!


  3. Oh Simon the Fidler sounds so good, I am tempted by your thoughts. Yes life is different these days and living with you altogether and home schooling is a big challenge. Stay well and kind to yourself.


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