Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 22

I achieved a minor goal today–I got Pat to go out for a walk with me.  The weather was decent until mid-afternoon and the kids were occupied in a video game.  Lillie had a homework assignment to build a Taj Mahal on Minecraft, which she did, and then that morphed into a game.  I’m not so sure I’m on board with Minecraft being an educational game, but it kept them occupied so that Pat and I could escape and take a stroll in the neighborhood.  Afterwards, Alice decided to get some quality time as well…


This was a very low-key Saturday.  In fact, it was  almost a “normal” Saturday, except my usual Saturday morning social activities took place over Zoom.  I could almost forget that we were in a strange and historic time.  Or maybe that historic time is starting to seem more normal now?

I’ve been trying to keep a gratitude journal, mostly listing 3 things I’m grateful for each day.  One thing that I realized I’m grateful for right now is that neither of my children is an only child.  Obviously, I’m glad I have both of then, but what I mean is that this period in time must be especially hard for children without siblings.  My kids may not be able to see their friends, but at least they have each other.  I was functionally an only child and it was incredibly lonely even in the best of times.  I know that kids are resilient, but this is a life changing time and I’m glad than neither Lillie nor Chris have to go through it alone. I do wish, however, they’d quit fighting over what TV show to watch.

I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a strange day.  We have our palm fronds, but waving them in front on my iPad will be a new experience.  We’ve also tried to ease the kids into the idea that Easter is going to look a little different this year.  I mean, instead of dressing up in our best, we might choose to wear jeans instead of sweats.  There might be an Easter egg hunt, if we happen to have any plastic eggs somewhere.  No ham dinner this year–when you have to get your weekly groceries in one swoop, there isn’t room in the fridge for a ham…so we’ll be having pot roast instead.  Yet, strangely, I suspect that this least-memorable Easter will be the one they won’t ever forget.

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