Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 18

I don’t think anyone really realizes how weird this time is and none of us will until it is well behind us.  We got word today that it is more likely than not that kids won’t be back in school until September–which simultaneously blows my mind and doesn’t seem real.

Our morning started out with a bit of excitement.  While the kids and I were starting our school day in the living room, we heard a horrible noise from the kitchen.  It sounded as though someone was stabbing Alice.  Lillie and I ran into the kitchen, only to find Alice screaming (there is no other word) at a black cat sitting on the other side of the sliding glass door.  The other cat did not seem to be bothered by Alice, but ran off as soon as he or she saw us humans.  Lillie said she was afraid Alice was going to take the sliding glass door down to get to the other cat–while Alice isn’t quite that powerful, I’m relieved that it wasn’t just the screen door keeping her from the intruder.

For the rest of the day, Alice has been on edge.  She swiped at both Lillie and I and we had to spend a fair amount of time playing with her to burn down her energy. I know that she’s stressed with our current situation and she’s not the most accommodating creature.  I don’t see her stress getting any better as this goes on, so the best we can do is tire her out with lots of play.

Homeschool was, well, okay today.  Lillie spent hours on a math app and then researched Palm Sunday and put together a slide show (she will be “teaching” it at when the kids from our church zoom together on Thursday).  Chris started out strong, but then started complaining about not being able to focus.  I did find his noise canceling headphones, but it didn’t make much difference.  I think there is something we need to tweak somewhere, but I haven’t figured out what it is.

Tonight I had to freestyle dinner.  I didn’t get all the ingredients I needed in my last grocery order (I had ordered everything, but it wasn’t all available) so I had to sort of wing it and use up the ingredients.  I made sort of chicken tacos, which got rid of a number of items I had no other use for.  I thought it was passable, but Pat and the kids loved it.  Chris went to town on it…


I am trying to be better about planning for meals and groceries next week.  It should be easy–I have no activities to work around.  But every time I sit down to do it, I forget every single meal the family likes.  Sigh…  Normally, I plan for 2-3 days at a time, but now I’m having to plan a week at a time.  It shouldn’t be hard…but it is.

We did get out of the house tonight–we took the kids for a drive in the country.  While we only drove, it was nice to actually leave the house.  The weather around here has been less than ideal, so getting out for walks hasn’t happened as often as I would like.  We have to relish our little freedoms as we get them.

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