Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 17

First day back from Spring Break was a passable success!  Of course, the kids decided this was the morning they would sleep in, so it was a bit of a hustle to get them ready so that we could start in time, according to the schedule I wrote up.


Chris started his day off with a video from his teacher, followed by a Zoom meeting with his class and I think that helped his morale.  Towards the end of the day, his focus was fading but that is something we can work on.

Lillie’s school isn’t officially back in session until Wednesday, so she spent most of the day working on math, either in worksheet or app form.  It will be nice when she has actual school work again.  Her class moves so quickly in public school (which is great for her) that I think she’s a little out of sorts right now.

After dinner, Pat did some science experiments with Chris in the garage (after cleaning up the destruction the mice left behind…apparently they had a taste for wrapping paper).  A while ago, I had signed Chris up for a Mad Science subscription box…not knowing how useful it would be!

As for me…well, I’m tired!  Just trying to keep the kids on task is a full time job!  I had aspirations of getting a walk or something today, but I think an early bed time is a better course of action.  I’m sure that my exhaustion isn’t only due to the rigors of homeschooling.  I’m not someone who does well with the unknown and I do not know how long this can go on.  From what I’ve read and heard in the news, I can’t imagine that we’ll be in a position for kids to go back to school on April 28th.  I just hope that they get to go back to school at some point this year!

And now I’m getting all down in the dumps..that tends to happen when I’m tired, so I’ll leave it here for tonight…time to get some rest for homeschool day 2!

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