Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 14

We hit 2 weeks.

This does feel like a milestone–we’re all well, so we know that nothing came from any exposure Lillie may have had at school.  There were, of course, more opportunities for exposure since then, but we’ll take this as a victory–because we need one right now.

Another “victory” we can count is that Oregon seems to be handling the pandemic better than some states.  My weather app now records the number of new and total coronavirus cases per state and Oregon “only” had 100 new cases today.  Yes, 100 is 100 too many, but it is still probably the lowest rate from all the places I follow (which is wherever we have family).  It makes me feel like the distancing is actually doing something.

Today was also our last “official” day of the most boring Spring Break ever.  Come Monday, we’ll have to have some sort of routine in place.  I’m not quite sure what that routine will be, but I still have the weekend to figure it out.  I’m feeling better about it knowing that Lillie will have contact with her teacher and her class.  (Here she is on her Zoom class meeting yesterday…)


Tomorrow I actually get to be a bit social–virtually!  I have my WW meeting again, followed by virtual coffee.  I may even put make up on for the occasion!  Pat and I are also going to do a grocery pick up, which should be interesting.  Not only do we actually get to leave the house, but I have no clue what exactly I will receive out of what I ordered!  Last time, I ordered about $300 worth of groceries and received 2 bags and 3 pages of items that were out of stock.  Hopefully this time will be more successful because I really don’t want to go to Costco!

Finally, a mouse update!  We’ve gotten a lot of good suggestions, which Pat may consider if his method doesn’t work.  He thinks he may have gotten one mouse to eat a little bit of poison, so we’ll see.  If it weren’t the apocalypse, I’d hire a pest service to come out and take care of it but that isn’t a possibility right now….


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