Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 13

You know what most certainly does not make this time of distancing better?  A mice infestation.  To be fair, we only have proof of one mouse.  However, unless that mouse had an insatiable appetite and the bowels to go along with it, there are more mice calling our garage home.

Pat spent his free time between meetings in the garage with the shop vac to clean up mouse droppings and I moved much of the food we store out there into the house.  What we probably need to do is pull everything out of the garage, but the weather is not going to allow that for a while.  Pat did set up mouse traps, since Alice failed miserably at earning her keep, so I’m expecting to find at least one mouse corpse tomorrow morning.

So, yeah…that was fun.

But in better news….school!

I took a walk this morning and my preferred route takes me over to Lillie’s school.  For quite some time, their reader board continued to reflect events that were planned, but would not be happening.  Today, there was a new message…


Lillie also had the chance to Zoom with her teacher and classmates.  I think it was a comfort to her to be able to see them.  I found it fun to listen to because I feel disconnected from her class this year.  At her old school, I knew all her classmates and all the parents of her classmates.  Now, I know basically none of them.  So, I think I found my own comfort in hearing how excited she was to see them and how excited they seemed to see her.

Tomorrow is day 14 of our social distancing and we all seem to be healthy.   I’m not going to get over confident and say we’re all in the clear as Pat and I have had to make some emergency grocery runs (and, it Pat’s case, Lowe’s runs).  But, so far so good.  I’m hoping that things will get back to normal on that magical April 28th date, but I doubt it.  I think they are expecting Oregon’s peak to come in mid-April, so I’m guessing that the kids won’t be back in school until mid-May (at the earliest).

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