Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 11

There are times when your kids play together nicely and there are times when your daughter locks herself in her closet with her kindle fire to video chat with her friends and your son does whatever he can to get attention.

And that was pretty much my day.

I did need to get some laundry done, so I finally gave him the iPad and told him to play a math game and listen to his podcasts while I caught up  on folding clean clothes.


Things are starting to sink in now.  I’m not one to watch the news–I prefer to read it or listen to it via podcasts, but I opted to watch (instead of listen to) my favorite talking head last night and they clearly had been crying and spent most of the show trying not to cry.  It’s hard to see the entire picture when you are healthy (for now) and stuck in your house.

There have been some strange little things that remind me that the world is more “not normal” than usual.  Right now, for example, I’m trying to stay up until midnight so that I can grab a grocery pick up time on Saturday.  I’ve  been trying for 3 days now to order groceries and have yet been able to snag a spot.

I’m trying not to let things like this get to me and I’m constantly reminding myself that everyone is in the same boat.  I heard from my friends in Virginia that the rest of the school year has been canceled.  I don’t know if that means that school is over or if they are doing distance learning for the rest of the year.  As of now, the kids here are supposed to be back in school on April 28, but I realize that likelihood of that changing are quite high.  However, the school district has said over and over that instruction will continue for the school year, even if it is all distance learning.

My dad has been calling me about 3 times a day to check on us (and to tell us about how his water is being stolen and what is up with his taxes and, of course, the stock market).  I worry about him the most, because he is stubborn and he’s down in Arizona, practically alone.  He also doesn’t seem to be worried about this for himself, which worries me even more.  But, beyond sending him gloves and masks (which I’ve done…and which he probably won’t use), what else can I do?

Phew, that became a downer quickly!  Despite the sudden tone of this post, we’re not down in the dumps (yet…).  But ask me in a week….

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