Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 9

A two weeks ago, I had never heard of Zoom.  Now, Zoom is what makes the world go round, so to say.  This morning, Zoom brought us our church.  We belong to a small church so having a service through this medium works well–or at least as well as any online church service can go.  We even had “coffee hour” afterwards (although without coffee–the hubs and I drank ours during the service). Ignore the mess in this picture…we used our dining room table, which we use for EVERYTHING and I haven’t yet become so desperate that I’ve started to clean house.


It wasn’t perfect…my son was a little too enamored of seeing himself in the monitor and the cat became resentful that we weren’t paying any attention to her and made sure that we all knew it.  But I’ve come to accept that we’re in a time when we need to forget about perfection and “the best we can do” should be the gold standard.

Now, I’m going to hijack this post just a bit to talk about what I’ve been reading.  There is a blog hop I’ve participated in the past and, now that I have time to read more and, more importantly, write the post, I thought I would join in again.  However, it seemed easiest to put it in this post instead of doing two posts.  So, here we go:

I’m linking with Kathryn at Book Date for It’s Monday….What Are You Reading?

Red Letter DaysThis week, I read Red Letter Days by Sarah-Jane Stratford. It’s about two women working in television–in England–during the Red Scare.  It had two great main characters that really carried the story.  I felt that it tended to lose its way a few times in the middle, it finished strong.  I hadn’t read anything by Stratford before, but I may track down her previous novel, Radio Girls.




Hope Rides AgainI’ll be starting Hope Rides Again tonight.  It was what I had been saving to read on my flight down to Arizona.  I’m a bit of a white-knuckle flyer, so I like to have something light and fun to read when I fly.  Of course, I’m not flying anywhere any time soon…but I still need something light and fun right now.  I know that some of my upcoming reads will be more taxing, so I’m going to give my brain a little break with this one.  I enjoyed the first book. Hope Never Dies–not because it was a particularly good mystery, but because it gave me feel good Obama nostalgia.  And, honestly, I could use some of that right now.



3 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 9

  1. I definitely want to read something that makes me remember good times, like Obama…and the book I’m now reading about Jack and Jackie (And They Called It Camelot).

    I hope your week goes well…and thanks for visiting my blog.


  2. I hadn’t heard of Zoom until this past week either. I still haven’t looked into it because I don’t need it for anything and don’t want to overburden a system so many do need. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


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