Dispatches from the Distancing – Day 8

We’re officially into week 2 of this strange, strange time.  I have to say my mood was much improved today, probably because I actually had some virtual social interaction this morning.

Because groups are a no-go, my Saturday morning WW group moved online.  It worked surprisingly well, honestly!  Afterwards, I had virtual coffee with my “posse.”  We normally have our coffee at Starbucks, but as that is no longer an option, we met up in Zoom.  I score very high on the introvert scale, but I desperately needed this social time today.  It helped to get me out of my funk that has been hanging around since this all started.

After our virtual coffee, I headed out for a walk around the neighborhood.  The rain will be returning in another day or two and I wanted to enjoy the sun while I still could.  I’ve also made a goal of 30 minutes of movement a day.  It’s too easy to literally sit around the house when all you have to do is sit around the house.  Anyway, I came across this…


I made a point to wave, smile, say hi–whatever seemed appropriate–to others I saw out and about.  I do pray that when this mess is all behind us that we our communities can find away to come together instead of this divided world we are currently in.

And I think that the world on the other side of this will be a much different one, in ways that I can’t imagine.  When I was talking to my posse, one of my friends said the only thing she experienced in her lifetime that was similar to this was the Cuban Missile Crisis.  She said there was an impending doom permeating everything, and yet the sun still shone, the flowers still bloomed, and the world still turned.  The Cuban Missile Crisis happened over a decade before I was born, so I can’t speak to that, but I thought it was an interesting observation.

The rest of my day was spent relaxing, reading a novel, and texting with friends and family.  After this past week, this was the day that I needed.



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