Podcast Talk Tuesday – January 28, 2020

On my podcatcher (I use Overcast, in case anyone is interested), I have several playlists.  Many of them are “genre” lists such books or politics or fitness.  But the three most used lists are the ones with all my podcasts, all my daughter’s podcasts, and all my son’s podcast.

As I still drive my son to and from school, we listen to a fair number of his podcasts.  There is a plethora of entertaining podcasts for kids and my son has at least a dozen on his playlist.  My favorite, although he needed to warm up to it, is the Good Words Podcast. Good Words Pod

This show is all about vocabulary, which sounds…kind of dry.  But host Lynn Hickernell keeps things lively.  There is the theme word, sometimes a bit on grammatical context, jokes, poetry, a “rewind” section where she talks about a struggle from her childhood, and–my son’s favorite–IT CAME FROM THE INTERNET!

And this is not kid vocabulary.  I’m well-educated and well-read and some of these words are new to me!  While I have yet to use zeugma in conversation, my son and I have worked to include other words such as lachrymose, shambolic (did you catch that I used it last week?), and–once–even triskaidekaphobia.

This show is currently between seasons and my son and I are almost caught up–but I’ll be reloading old episodes for us to review.  What’s the worst that could happen?  Maybe I’ll save some money  on SAT prep courses!

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