Saturday Snapshot – January 4, 2020

Wow, 2020.  Can you believe it?  I always feel helpful at New Year’s and I pray that this is the year that things turn around in this country (and the world).

I had seen something on Facebook about starting Avengers: Endgame at 9:23:30pm on New Year’s Eve and, if you do that, Tony will snap his fingers at midnight which, according to the meme, is the best way to end and begin a decade.  Well, guess what folks–we did that and it works!  So, at the stroke of midnight, the world (in the MCU) was set right again.  May that carry over to reality!

But, all that means that I did not take a single picture over New Year’s.  Therefore, we are now jumping back to this past summer.  As you will remember, my daughter’s trip to Girl Scout camp kicked off our “Taste of Oregon” road trip.  Well, that was actually her first of two trips to Girl Scout Camp.  In August, she attended another camp with one of her friends.  This camp is outside of Stevenson, Washington, which is less than 2 hours away.

And while this camp didn’t precipitate another road trip, it did lead to a fun afternoon in the Gorge.  After dropping my daughter off, we stopped to get some pictures of the Bridge of the Gods, before visiting the fish hatchery and seeing Herman the Sturgeon.  We finished the day with a trip to Multnomah Falls.  Enjoy!

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