Saturday Snapshot – September 14, 2019

There is a specific spot on the Oregon Coast that my husband has long dreamed of visiting.  Last year, we ended up driving right past it, even though we were specifically searching for it.  This year, my husband was determined.

That spot is called Thor’s Well, a tidal sink hole that fills with water during high tide.  Armed with a map and a tide schedule, my husband was determined to find it this year.  We realized it was that it was in Cape Perpetua Natural Area which, ironically, we had ventured into the previous year and still missed Thor’s Well.

This year, however, was successful.  My husband and son were able to get up close and personal with Thor’s Well (I stayed on higher ground and enjoyed the view).  Afterwards, we drove up to the highest point of the area to visit the remains of shelter built by the WPA during the Depression (and appreciated the very scenic view!)

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