Saturday Snapshot – August 31, 2019

First of all, sorry this is late.  We were having some internet (probably router) issues last night when I tried to update this.

Second of all, I did want to do a quick plug of other ways to connect here, for cases just like this one.  I’m on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and I’ll post there (or at least on FB and Twitter) if there are delays with this post.

Third of all, my subscription with Mr. Linky for this link up is ending soon and I’d really like to find something else.  Mr. Linky worked well when I was on Blogger, but not so well here on WordPress.  Any recommendations?

Fourth of all, THE ACTUAL POST!

After we dropped my daughter off at Girl Scout camp, we decided to explore the town of Florence.  Being dwellers in the Portland Metro Area, our beach experience is usually a trip to Cannon Beach or Seaside.  If we are feeling really adventurous, we might drive down as far south as Newport.  However, Florence is beyond our usual territory and we hadn’t really ever spent time there.

We found a beach and it was WINDY!  So windy, that it was blowing jelly fish off the top of the ocean onto the beach, making it impossible to walk barefoot!  After we had enough of that, we headed into town for dinner and a bit of time exploring the old waterfront.

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More adventures to come next week!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – August 31, 2019

  1. I use Also called, V20linky tools. and I use it for All Seasons having a wordpress blog. It’s $2 a month, but it’s a yearly prescription (if you use thumbnails). It works very well, and Brent Riggs always is very quick when there is a problem. (Came from Sandra’s blog) Good luck looking for a linky!


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