Saturday Snapshot – August 24, 2019

Buckle up, folks…vacation pics are coming!

This summer was a busy one, but we were able to work a little road trip into our schedule.  Our original plan was to go up and down the Oregon Coast.  But, unsurprisingly, my husband changed his mind at the last minute and we ended up doing what I call the “taste of Oregon” road trip.

Taste of Oregon

We started the trip by saying goodbye.  My daughter decided to attend a Girl Scout camp in Florence, so we dropped her off and my husband, son,  and I decided to explore a bit of the southern Coast while she was there.

While the vacation pics start in earnest next week, here are some snaps of us right before and during dropping her off at camp.  She decided that this was her favorite of the Girl Scout camps in Oregon and is already planning on going back next year.

Next week, wind and jellyfish!

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