Saturday Snapshot – July 20, 2019

This week, we need to take another step back to early June.  My kids’ school starts their summer break before public schools, which gives us a few days to enjoy some things that are usually too crowded.

Or so we thought….

We decided that we wanted to take a trip to the zoo.  Over the past year, a number of new animals have come to the zoo (because, sadly, a number of animals recently died–all but one of which died of old age).  Most notably, we wanted to see Mei-Mei, the new red panda.  While my son had been to the zoo a month or so earlier with his class, my daughter hadn’t been since we were last at Zoo Lights.  So, we packed a lunch and brought along a friend and headed out.

What I didn’t realize was that pretty much every single public school would be at the zoo on a end-of-the-year field trip.  In all of my years of going to the Oregon Zoo, I have never been there when it was so crowded.

But, we’re of strong stock, so we braved the crowds and made our way through to just about everything.  We did get a quick peak at Mei-Mei, but she was feeling a bit shy (we’re told she is much more outgoing on hotter days), but I did the best I could with a commemorative picture.

We’re planning to go back at least once this summer–hopefully not everyone in the Portland metro area will have the same idea!

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