Saturday Snapshot – April 13, 2019

One of my goals on this most recent trip to Arizona was to do more hiking.  Actually, that was my goal for the last time we went–but between Spanky McBonespur’s temper tantrum shutdown and the fact that it SNOWED, it didn’t happen.  However, this time the nation was facing another flavor of crisis and the weather report indicated temps in the 80s most days, so our chances were more favorable.

Our first hike was in Tucson Mountain Park, which is in the area of the Sonora Desert Museum and one the Saguaro National Parks.  I had picked up a book of easy hikes in the area and this hike, Brown Mountain, looked like one that would hold the kids’ attention.  I’ll be honest, there was plenty of complaining from the younger set, but the hike was beautiful.  Unfortunately, we weren’t quite used to being in Arizona…because we realized halfway through the hike that we forgot sunscreen (trust me, Oregonians don’t normally have sunscreen in their bags/cars/etc!).

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