Saturday Snapshot – March 16, 2019

It probably isn’t a surprise to anyone that reading is a big deal in our house.  Well, it is a big deal to me and to my daughter.  My husband, well, I try to get him to read at least one novel a year.  As for my son, it has been a struggle.

I do understand, though.  It’s hard to live in his sister’s shadow and I’ve been having trouble finding the type of books that appeal to him.  His teacher says that he’s reading well in school so it is more of an interest than an ability issue.

This week, though, we had a bit of a breakthrough.  After a trip to the library (where he did his usual trick of choosing 5-7 random books without even looking to see what they are), he decided to have a storytime…with his “top shelf stuffies”.  He sat there for at least 30 minutes, reading each of his library books (and his favorite book from his own collection, a delightful book called I Need a New Butt) to Jupiter, Gerry, BB-8, and Triceri.


Not only was this a delightful thing to watch, but it made his homework easy for me as I was able to use his stuffy storytime as his nightly reading.  But, when I filled out his reading log for the night, I realized that it was the most perfect representation of his personality.


He’s still not the bookworm his sister is, but that’s okay. I know that he’ll get there someday, especially if he can find more books about butts to read.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – March 16, 2019

  1. ha ha ha!! Love his list of books…and his reading to his stuffed animals. That reminds me SO much of my sons! They had HUGE collections of stuffed animals (one still does, at 24 lol), and would get out every single of of them (we’re talking hundreds) and set up a make-believe battle (they are boys, after all), filling an entire room – they knew the name of each one and its personality. Good memories.

    As for your reluctant reader, my younger son was the same. He loved for us to read aloud to them (and we did that until they were teens!!), but reading on his own was never his first choice (and he got top marks for reading in school & on tests so it wasn’t ability). He would just rather be active 🙂 One series that really grabbed his attention and kept him reading at about your son’s age was the Horrible Harry books by Suzy Kline – has he tried those yet? I think my son read those about 1st or 2nd grade.

    Great photo & story today – thanks for hosting!


    Book By Book


  2. I love to see photos of children reading. Good for you for encouraging him. Maybe the reading bug will bite him when he gets a little bit older.
    Thank you for hosting Saturday Snapshot. It’s always fun to see what participants have posted.


  3. I love boys. I raised two myself, and they were such foreign yet captivating creatures. I was always looking for ways to connect with my sons and our biggest successes were the Art Guys and science fiction. Good luck to you! You are on the right track, I think.


  4. I’ve always been a bookworm, would read before turning on the TV or radio. My husband was never a reader, but now that he’s retired and I finally got him to get a library card, he is happily reading and enjoying it.


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