Saturday Snapshot – March 2, 2019

Well, it actually happened.  Every time the weather forecast hinted that there might be snow, my kids made sure to wear their pajamas inside-out and backward and flush ice cubes down the toilet before bed.  And, until this week, their efforts have been for naught.

I can’t say that we hit the motherlode of winter weather, but we did get enough snow twice to result in two snow days from school.  Most of the snow was gone by noon, but it gave the kiddos enough time to get on all their layers and throw some snowballs at each other.


However, the two snow days this week were a harsh reminder to me of my own adulthood.  When I was a child or even a young adult, the idea of a day off to play in the snow would have been heaven.   Now, as an adult and a mother, it fills me with a bit of dread.  All of my commitments, obligations, and schedules are out the window and my ability to run out and accomplish those errands that are so much easier without kids in tow has been snatched away.

Then, I notice how the chill-induced rosy cheeks make my children’s smiles just a little bit brighter and I realize that my inconvenience is dwarfed by their joy.

And, when the snow has melted, I give them unlimited screen time for the rest of the day while I carve out a little bit of peace and quiet for myself.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – March 2, 2019

  1. I’m laughing. I had no idea that those rituals could bring on a snow day! Sounds like your children had a great time (and that you coped).
    Thank you for hosting Saturday Snapshot every weekend.


  2. There’s been more snow days this year at home in Toronto than other years. Quite happy we have been in Mexico for the winter! Although I will admit, having all this sunshine sometimes makes me wish for a cloudy (we never get rain) day so I can stay in with no guilt.


  3. By the time the clouds make it down here to Texas we get nothing but rain. It has been so rainy this fall and winter: September – 7 in., October – 8 1/2 in., November – 7 1/2 in., December – almost 10 in., and 5 in. so far this year.


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