Saturday Snapshot – February 23, 2019

February can be a tough month when it comes to these weekly posts.  Ideally, I would have done something fun and exciting with my family and I would have pictures to share.  However, this time of year, that just doesn’t happen as often.  For one thing, winter in the Pacific Northwest is usually a damp and dreary affair.  Secondly, from mid-February through mid-March, we’re all about the Girl Scout cookie sales.  So, every weekend, my daughter and I are camped out in front of a grocery store, selling cookies.

Because of this, I really don’t have anything that exciting to share.  Instead, I’m giving you a glimpse into the past couple of weeks around here.

IMG-1899 Both of my kids are interested in science and, through Amazon, we have a subscription to receive STEM games every couple of months.  Our latest game was one involving lasers and mirrors and mazes.  I’ll be honest, it isn’t my jam.  But my husband, an engineer, is just the right person to play this with the kids.

IMG-1954While I’m not doing much (well, any) book reviewing on this blog, I am trying to be better about using Instagram to document my reading.  I will admit that I don’t have the eye that some do to make beautifully composed pictures.  However, I do have a cat who sometimes is patient enough to pose for me.  I got lucky earlier this week that she was willing to sit still for me so I could get a picture of this book that I still have yet to begin!

IMG-1955Also this week I had a chance to practice my tongue biting and NOT taking the political argument bait.  Trust me, people, the struggle is real.  I am actually quite good at not bringing up politics or the sorry state of the world in the company of those with whom I do not agree, but I can’t say that those loved ones can return that favor.  Anyway, I was able to keep my mouth shut for an entire afternoon and then decided to treat myself to a little spiritual decorating (check out Flix Wix Candles).  I may be a proud Progressive Protestant, but these are my patron saints.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – February 23, 2019

  1. There is so much meanness in the political world that I try to stay away from it. I find a lot of quiet in my books. There is something very consoling in reading an old story like Don Quixote, which I am reading now, and seeing that people are still the same they have always been.

    I love how you are making great memories with your kids. Enjoy these times!

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  2. Your patron saints are fabulous. As a Canadian we have to be careful what we say while we are in Mexico surrounded by both Canadians and Americans.
    We are having the same issues in Canada with federal and provincial politicians. With our very good friends, it is a subject better not broached.

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  3. I love cat and book pictures. 🙂 I was thinking the other day I want to try to use Instagram more. I hardly ever use it at all, honestly. I read mostly on my e-reader and the covers aren’t in color on my Oasis, so I’m not sure how that would work. My pictures would be rather dull. Haha

    We are in the middle of cookie season too. I hope it is going well for you! This is the first weekend we do not have a booth scheduled (our troop does, just not us). While Mouse would love to do everything fun all weekend, she does have a report to work on for school. So, that’s what we’ll be up to.

    I hope you and our family have an amazing weekend and week! Stay dry and warm.


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