Saturday Snapshot – February 9, 2019

This is one of those weeks where this post is more about the narrative than the pictures (if the weather report proves to be true, we’ll be back to things being about the pictures next week!)

Last week, I wrote about food, specifically a meal that I enjoyed before going to the theater.  This week, I’m writing about the theater.

It looks like 2019 is the year I return to the theater.  Again, traveling back to my single days, I was an avid theater-goer.  In school, I dabbled in acting.  I enjoyed it, but not to the point where I had the necessary passion needed to follow through with it.  Instead, I wanted to see every production I could afford.

IMG-1893It may come as a surprise, but Portland has a thriving theater scene.  Not only are we a stop on many of the national tour routes, but we have a number of local companies.  Two of my closest friends have season tickets to the Portland Center Stage and, through their subscriptions, they were able to get me tickets to two productions.  The first, preceded by the meal featured last week, was Sense and Sensibility.  Despite having a very strong aversion to Jane Austen (go ahead and judge me), I do like S&S and this production did not disappoint.  It was a fresh take on a well-known tale and was far funnier than I had expected.

IMG-1898The following week, my husband and I headed down to Tigard (a suburb just south of us) to visit one of our favorite theaters, the Broadway Rose.  We had been to a handful of shows there in the past, but this year we bit the bullet and bought a subscription.  The first show of the season was Nunsense, which I had heard about for years but had never seen.   This was just as madcap as I had expected and even my husband enjoyed it–not that he usually doesn’t enjoy the shows, but I wasn’t sure a farce about nuns would be his thing.

There is still a lot of theater coming up this year and I’m looking forward to getting back into something that was once a regular part of my life.

(Before we link up, I have a question about…linking up.  Since switching to my new blog, I haven’t been satisfied with how my linky–Mister Linky–is working.  If you have a suggestion for an alternative that works well on WordPress, please let me know in the comments!)

4 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – February 9, 2019

  1. Portland sounds like a great city. I’ve only visited and been through it over the years, but never spent any time there.

    In California, I have loved living in Sacramento, back when I was attending university and where I had three of my kids. Now i live in the Central Valley (Fresno), which is not what I would have chosen, but I’m used to it. I hope to travel to Oregon and Washington more in the future.

    I like the Linky that Kathryn, at Book Date, uses, but I don’t know how to set it up.


  2. I’ve been to Portland several times and always enjoyed the city. Powell’s Books is a treasure, and the surrounding area is beautiful. I’ll be sure to plan on attending a play during my next visit.
    Thanks again for hosting Saturday Snapshot. Sorry, but I don’t have any suggestions to replace Mister Linky.


  3. I have a new friend who has always loved acting. She buys season tickets to our Houston Alley Theater. I’ve been with her to see a rehearsal. We also have several old friends who love the theater. There is a wonderful local college theater group nearby. I’ve been to more shows in the last few years than I have my whole life.

    Random: One summer, by a strange coincidence, my husband and I spent time in both Portland, Oregon, and Portland, Maine.


  4. Last year was our return to theatre, enjoying our local groups of thich there are many. I have already bought a couple of tickets for summer productions for my birthday weekend!


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