Saturday Snapshot – January 5, 2019

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned.

Over New Year’s, my family headed south to visit my father in Arizona.  We didn’t expect blistering heat–I had visited at this time of year in the past and, each time, had had pleasant and sunny, but cooler, weather.  Before our trip, I checked the weather forecast for the area and we expected sunny skies and mild temperatures.

That was not what happened.

The first few days we were down there were a little colder than we expected, but nothing we couldn’t handle.  Then New Year’s day came.

My children, for the first time ever, stayed up to actual midnight, as opposed to “New York New Year’s.”  They then kicked off the year at about 6 am with a screaming fight because my son was not breathing in a way my daughter found acceptable.  (Yes, all the parents reading this feel my pain!).  As I was exhausted myself, I told my daughter to go sleep on the couch.  Which she did–and then she looked outside.


Yes, my friends.  That is snow.  In southern Arizona.

My kids were delighted.  As we also come from an area where snow is not a guaranteed or long-lasting occurrence, this was quite a treat for them.  Unfortunately, as this was a surprise, we were woefully unprepared when it came to clothing.  The warmest clothes the kids had were their pajamas–which is what they wore when they went to play in the snow.


I will admit that I was frustrated with this turn of events…for a moment.  Then I realized that while this may not have been the vacation we envisioned, it was one that we would remember.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – January 5, 2019

  1. Love the new approach with a story to go along with your photos, Melinda! I wondered if you are making a new Saturday Snapshot graphic? I just left it out for today since it had the old blog name on it.

    I saw pics from friends on Facebook of the snow in AZ! So bizarre looking to see snow on cactuses and adobe! Glad your kids got to enjoy it & that you had a good trip, in spite of the surprise!

    Happy New Year!


    Book By Book


    1. I just changed my twitter handle to @melindadott, so if you followed me on the old one, you will still be following me. The FB page is coming–hopefully this weekend!


  2. A friend in Tucson had posted a photo of the snow as well. Whereas back home in Toronto that had no snow and warm temperatures.
    Good luck with your new blog. Times move on and things change.


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